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How-To Guides

These illustrated guides will help you perform basic tasks in Training Tracker.  Click to open or print them out for your reference. 

Add people to Training Tracker, set job titles, departments, supervisors, and other information.

Enter tasks and assign training to your employees or group members.

Set up groups of tasks that can be assigned based on job title or other training needs.


Create additional fields that you can use to filter your trainees.

Filter trainees and assignments by Department, Category, and Job Title, and use these to simplify the entering of training assignments.

Email staff when training is due, or send an updated on completed training.


Archive Trainees, and make tasks inactive rather than deleting them. 


Frequently Asked Questions

What is Training Tracker used for?

Training Tracker is used to track training, comply with regulatory requirements, and improve quality for many industries. Training tracker allows you to assign training requirements and keeps a record of completed trainings.

What industries use Training Tracker?

Training Tracker is used in manufacturing, oil and gas, aircraft maintenance,  automotive, healthcare, pharmaceuticals, and more.

Can Training Tracker help me to meet FDA requirements?

The FDA's Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) guidelines (FDA Title 21, FDA Chapter 11, FDA Part 11.) discuses training and record keeping for Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs). Training Tracker can assist you in keeping your employees up to date on SOPs.

Can Training Tracker be used to meet Federal Aviation Authority (FAA) training requirements?

Recently the FAA has instituted requirements for training certification. Training Tracker can be used to meet many of these requirements, including 49 Code of Federal Regulations

Can Training Tracker help with ISO 9000 Certification?

Training Tracker can also help with ISO Certification by auditing your training records. Many companies working toward ISO 9000 certification have used Training Tracker.