Track Training and Compliance


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GoodByE SPreadSheets

Training Tracker lets you focus on training rather than record keeping. As the definitive source for training records, you no longer have to deal with multiple versions of spreadsheets.

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Clearly establishing and monitoring your training processes allows you to evaluate where risks lie in competency (predictive risk evaluation), so you can train and staff accordingly.  See upcoming due dates and track training completion.




Having single source for training records helps you pass audits more efficiently.  Track regulatory compliance such as OSHA right alongside job training requirements.

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Email Reminders

Send email reminders to employees straight from the program.  You can email an employee a list of all training due between dates you specify.  

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Improve quality

Track ISO, Six-Sigma, Lean, or Good Manufacturing Practice.  Standard operating procedures (SOPs) can be assigned like any other training.

Simple YET Powerful

Training Tracker lets you keep track of your records, and gets out of your way, while still providing features allowing you to quickly assign training to multiple trainees or the ability to scan barcodes to complete training. 

How it Works